Ongoing Protests in Brazil

A lot of friends and family that I’ve seen recently have been curious to hear my thoughts on the protests going on in Brazil right now.  I can’t profess to be an expert on this, or to know much more than I’ve been able to read online.

Here are a few links, though, if you’re interested to learn more about the issues involved (which are numerous and various–including increasing transit fees; the 2014 World Cup; the 2016 Olympics; austerity measures; disillusionment with the PT (Worker’s Party) government; etcetera).

This blog describes the ‘Salad Uprising’ through photos and links.

This article describes a bit of what is going on and why, by a writer whose focus is on the impact of the large-scale sporting events (“neoliberal Trojan horses”) on Brazil.  It also links to a number of other articles and social movement websites.

This video has been spreading widely, as a Brazilian woman living in the US describes (in English) some of the problems with the World Cup.

There’s lots more out there, too.

A thought I’d like to put out there, is that I’ve found it quite interesting to be in BC, where there was so much outrage against the Olympics hosted here in 2010, and yet see almost nothing in the news and hear very few understanding remarks from people about these protests.  I would have thought that the links between the situations would be more obvious to people (displacement of poor and homeless peoples; critiques of colonialism; high costs when social services are underfunded; etcetera).  Despite this, though, there’s not a lot of discussion of the protests, nor vocal support or solidarity with the protesters.


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