Who is Métis? Future historians will have to be careful who they ask

For the past twenty years, Métis people have disputed Statistics Canada’s census counts of their population. This year was no exception, with debate breaking out as soon as the latest data was released. But why is this topic so contentious, and how does it relate to records management?


History as Shared by the Survivors

In this article, Krista McCracken contextualizes, describes, and evaluates the work of the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre (SRSC), established in 1979 at Algoma University College in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario. In line with Mathiesen (2012) and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2008), McCracken emphasizes the importance of Indigenous communities having access to and control over records related to their history and identity in order to heal from traumas inflicted by colonialism.

Can archives be decolonized?

Discussion around decolonization has been increasingly present in the last decade or so in academic literature. In her influential book, Decolonizing Methodologies (first published in 1999), Linda Tuhiwai Smith articulates the concept of decolonization as, “about centring our concerns and world views and then coming to know and understand theory and research from our own perspectives and for our own purposes”, where “our” represents Indigenous peoples (Smith 2012, 41). This definition has impacted how many scholars comprehend decolonization. However, the term can be defined in many other ways.

What I’m reading

Sometimes people ask me about my favourite blogs. Here are a few I read regularly - some I have been reading for years and some are new to me since I started studying Library, Information, and Archival studies this September. âpihtawikosisân Written by Chelsea Vowel (Métis), this has been a favourite of mine for years,... Continue Reading →

2.4% is a failing grade!

Today, I want to share a dismal statistic about the Masters of Archival Studies & Masters of Library and Information Science program that I started this fall at UBC. It is a small example of how deeply white supremacy and Eurocentrism are embedded within academia and the archival profession. So far, of the 83 required... Continue Reading →

Ongoing Protests in Brazil

A lot of friends and family that I've seen recently have been curious to hear my thoughts on the protests going on in Brazil right now.  I can't profess to be an expert on this, or to know much more than I've been able to read online. Here are a few links, though, if you're... Continue Reading →

Visiting Vancouver

I've been a bit out of touch this week (sorry if I haven't yet replied to an email from you!) as I'm visiting my grandmother in Vancouver.  It's always really a treat to come over and spend some quality time with her, as we live so far away and even when I'm in Victoria the... Continue Reading →

The truly beginners’ permaculture garden!

So, upon returning home from Brazil, I was very motivated by the Mandala Gardens that our group saw at various places we visited, and interested in building my own.  I discussed with my Dad the possibility of setting one up in our backyard, and began reading about permaculture gardening techniques and theory (online and in... Continue Reading →

Anti-Oppression 101: For Children

I thought it'd be nice to share this link to a project that a good friend of mine (Annie Preston) and I put together for our course in Anti-Oppression Social Work Practice (taught by the amazing Ed Lee--I don't have a link to the syllabus of the course online, but if you email me, I... Continue Reading →

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